Advanced Engineering Search

Typical search technology for asset data relies on adherence to corporate document naming rules and metadata, and is limited to exact keyword matches.

Cenozai’s powerful search technology gives you much more.

No information left behind

When you search for an FPSO HAZOP deviation, you’d want to be linked to the related P&IDs. Or, if you have a problem around flow assurance, you’d to need gather references to deposits such as gas hydrates and asphaltine.

A preview of Cenozai's ARK (Access Relevant Knowledge) app

Contextual search enables faster decision making

Cenozai’s engineering enterprise search technology automatically finds and displays
all of these relationships in a clean, intuitive interface:

  • Curated for engineers
  • Captures relationships automatically and organically, compared to restrictive, structured database formats
  • Does not require keyword matching—find results despite misspelled words or errors in recorded codes
  • Search by text or visually
  • Scales to handle hundreds of thousands of documents
  • No software training required