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Applying machine learning through systems of intelligence for facility operations and maintenance

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Before implementing new search technology, data cleanup and preparation is critical. Here's what you need to do.
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Enterprise search is changing for facility operators—out with the file hierarchies and in with the information networks.
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Data hoarding is widespread, and has a major impact on business performance. What’s the problem, why does it happen, and how can you fix it?
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Professional Go players use AI bots to analyze their games and improve strategy. How can we do the same to upskill talent in an industry setting?
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Metrics should be defined with task context in mind, because you might find that precision isn’t the most important factor for meeting your end goals.
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Rather than wondering whether a machine will replace you (unlikely), what changes can you make to adapt to a new and more efficient way of working?
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Effectively accessing and searching document data is the foundation to achieving operational excellence for your facilities in this digital era.
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If you're applying OCR to machine readable documents, you're negatively affecting the speed, accuracy, and ultimately cost of your facility digitization process.
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The global crisis has dramatically increased the risk for maintenance disasters. To mitigate this, facility management teams must embrace digital transformation now—here's how.
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